About CookWeWill.Com

Hello! My name is Matej and I would like to say I’m really happy, that you landed on my blog!

As you can guess, I’m one of those people who have cooking as their hobby. To me, it’s not a duty that I need to take care of, but rather a relaxing type of an activity, that helps me to calm down and organize my thoughts after a busy day. I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a restaurant for a few years, but since I already had a job that kept me busy, it would be hard to focus on another project of such proportions.

Long story short, since literally everything moved online during the “interesting” Covid-19 times, I decided to follow suit and started a Food Blog of my own, at last. The fact that I worked in online marketing for the past 20+ years, should hopefully help me to make this place as popular as I’d wish it to become. And who knows, maybe one day I will turn blogging into my full time career.

A Little Bit About Me:

I’m in my early 40’s already, so it’s about time to follow my passion, which happens to be cooking. My online marketing job is great, but the older I get, the more I’d like to spend time on things that make me happy. And honestly, there aren’t many things that would put a bigger smile on my face than a happy “eater” who asks for more of what you’ve just put on their table. My kids, wife, family or friends… I’d love to feed everyone 🙂

As a father of very “lively” 3 boys, I learned to appreciate the quiet moments at home and we all know how hard it is to talk and scream with a mouth full of food, right? 🙂 So cooking something the kids enjoy equals to killing two birds with one stone… kids get the nutrients they need and at the same time, we get to enjoy a few minutes of silence. As a sign of gratitude, my lovely wife “happily” cleans the mess I leave in the kitchen, and I’m the king of mess, trust me! 🙂

Why The “WE” In The Blog Name?

Starting the blog was my idea, but since I have lot’s of friends who love to cook and I also know a few pro Chefs, the plan is to feature some of their recipes on my blog too. Or maybe even invite them to shoot a video with me, that would be great.

On top of that, my sons cook along with me too, sometimes. Especially the youngest one, who you can see in some of the videos or photos on the blog, already. And who knows, maybe one day I will persuade my beautiful, but camera shy wife to appear in some of my videos. Time will tell 🙂

Let’s wrap it up here, you’re not here to read about me, right? Please explore some of my recipes, watch some videos or just browse around. I love to read comments, positive or negative! So if there’s anything you’d like to share with me, do so.

I’m on social media too!

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Happy cooking!