Most of my recipes also come with a video, but there will be some without it. This section contains all the recipes that we also produced a cooking video for. From simple ones like this Egg & Cheese spread to more complicated ones such as the Baked pork collar or Beef goulash recipe.

Bean And Pork Stew
Mains, Pork, Video

Bean Stew With Pork

Cooks in 1 hour 30 minutes Difficulty Easy

I really love stews, it’s basically the definition of comfort food to me. All of them are fairly easy to cook, they are super easy to reheat, you can freeze them… it’s hard to find any negative. My kids love stews too, so it’s often my dinner of choice when […]

5 soup recipes to try this season.
Cooking Tips, Soups, Video

5 Soup Recipes You Need To Try This Season

I’m a big fan of soups and I need to have some at least once a week… and I mean all year long. But the colder months of the year literally call for a bowl of hot soup to warm our body and soul, ain’t that true? Since we’re in […]

Mains, Poultry, Video

Baked Turkey Breast And Gravy

Cooks in 1 hour 30 minutes Difficulty Easy

Let me show you a very simple oven baked turkey breast recipe today. I’m using mashed potatoes as the side dish and I will also show you how to make a simple but delicious gravy in one go. Because let’s be honest here, serving a turkey breast without some sauce […]

Chicken schnitzel and potato salad.
Mains, Poultry, Video

Chicken Schnitzel & German Potato Salad

Cooks in 1 hour Difficulty Easy

Chicken Schnitzel is one of the most favorite dinners in our home. Or maybe I should say schnitzel in general… Whether it’s made from pork, veal or chicken, it always goes really fast! No wonder though, the crispy breading on the outside and juicy and tender meat on the inside… […]

Savory Semolina Pancake
Breakfast, Video

Savory Semolina Pancake

Cooks in 20 minutes Difficulty Easy

Looking for a stupid simple egg based breakfast or light dinner recipe? This is it! My savory semolina pancake is a variation of a recipe that my dad used to prepare for me and my sisters while we were still kids. This simple dish takes less than 20 minutes from […]

Garlic soup made easy
Soups, Video

Garlic Soup | Creamy And Delicious

Cooks in 45 minutes Difficulty Easy

Garlic soup is one of my favorite soups to cook in the fall season and for a good reason. This soup is extremely simple to prepare and it’s almost impossible to mess it up. All you need are a few very common ingredients and about 45 minutes of your time. […]

Cauliflower Casserole With Bacon And Potatoes
Mains, Sides, Video

Cauliflower Casserole With Bacon And Potatoes

Cooks in 50-60 minutes Difficulty Easy

Have you ever tried to make a cauliflower casserole? It’s easier to prepare than you might think and tastes just amazing. Some people use it as a side dish, but I think it can easily serve as a light dinner. Especially the version that I’m about to show you today, […]

Mains, Poultry, Video

Marinated Chicken Thighs & Potatoes

Cooks in 1 hour 10 minutes Difficulty Easy

Let’s make marinated chicken thighs for dinner today, shall we? I don’t think I know anyone who wouldn’t love chicken thighs. This part of chicken is likely the most juicy and tasty and it’s very easy and quite quick to prepare. That’s why you can find MANY chicken thighs recipes […]

Chicken leg quarters baked in the oven.
Mains, Poultry, Video

Baked Chicken Leg Quarters

Cooks in 1 hour 10 minutes Difficulty Easy

Oven baked chicken leg quarters with a rich vegetable base is the perfect summer style dinner that my whole family loves. Super tender and juicy meat on the inside and crispy skin baked to perfection on the outside… all finished in about 1 hour. And on top of that, this […]

Braised pork shoulder
Mains, Pork, Video

Braised Pork Shoulder With Carrots

Cooks in 1 hour 45 minutes Difficulty Easy

I’ve got a really simple dinner recipe for you today. Braised pork shoulder with a rich sauce that pairs really well with a side of steamed rice. This my friends is the definition of comfort food to me. This recipe would work great with a different cut of pork too, […]