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Pork Stew | Simple and Delicious

Cooks in 2 hours 15 minutes Difficulty Easy
Pork Stew

Pork stew is the ultimate comfort food that basically anyone can prepare, it’s that simple! All you need is a bunch of very common ingredients and it basically cooks itself in one pot or even a large pan… I love to use a Wok, for example.

There are many things to love about pork stew and I mean most of them, not just this recipe of mine. Pork stew is the perfect make ahead food, it re-heats extremely well, you can freeze it and on top of that, it’s a very versatile type of a dish. You can use multiple meat types, choose the vegetables you like, serve it with bread or a proper side dish… I just love it.

Pork Stew Meat

Pork shoulder is the best cut of pork for stewing.

You can use several cuts of pork when making pork stew, even the cheaper cuts work just great, if not the best to be honest. The tougher cuts with some fat and connecting tissue really benefit from the low and slow cooking method that’s typical for most stews. The fatty parts and connecting tissues will render and break down, while turning into gelatin that will massively improve the flavor of the sauce.

This being said, my favorite pork stew meat is the pork shoulder. The second choice would be pork collar (neck). But you can also use more expensive and lean pork cuts such as pork tenderloin or pork loin… these cook faster, so you can cut the cooking time down quite a lot. But in all honesty, shoulder is the best pork cut for stewing and I’m using it in my pork stew recipe as well 🙂

Now let’s get to the actual recipe.

Tip: Want to use beef instead? Try my Braised beef with carrots.

Pork Stew Recipe Ingredients

Pork stew recipe ingredients.

The amounts in this recipe are calculated for about 5 servings.

2.5 pounds or 1.2kg of pork shoulder
3 large onions
4 potatoes
1 yellow or red bell pepper
3 carrots
3-4 cloves of garlic
10 cherry tomatoes
1.5 cups of beef broth or stock
2 tablespoons of tomato puree
100g or 3.5 oz of fresh green beans
Small glass of red wine (100ml)
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of pork lard or oil
1-2 sprigs of rosemary or thyme
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
2 tablespoons of red paprika
1-2 teaspoons of garlic powder
1.5 teaspoons of salt (or to taste)
2 tablespoons of flour (all purpose)
Black pepper to taste

How To Make Pork Stew

Watch the video or scroll down for step by step instructions:

Let’s start with the meat. As mentioned earlier, I’m using pork shoulder which is just perfect for stewing. I have used about 2 and a half pounds or 1.2 kilos. This amount of meat will be enough for about 5 solid servings. Cut the pork into cubes, these should be about an inch big.

TIP: You can cut the meat into smaller cubes if you wish, but those will cook faster which means the connecting tissues and fatty parts might not have enough time to properly render and tenderize. Bigger cubes work better when making a pork stew, in my opinion.

Cut the meat into 1 inch cubes.

Transfer the meat into a bowl and season it. We need 2 tablespoons of olive oil, one and a half teaspoons of salt, one or two teaspoons of garlic powder, 2 tablespoons or red paprika and a generous amount of black pepper. Mix it up properly with your hands and let the meat marinate while we work on the rest.

This recipe needs quite a lot of onions, I’m using 3 large ones. No need to chop them finely, thin slices like this will work just fine. Pork stew takes quite a while to cook, so most of the onions will dissolve and enrich the sauce while cooking.

My pork stew recipe uses a lot of onions.

Heat up some pork lard (2-3 tablespoons) in a pot or a big wok pan and add the onions. In case you don’t have lard or you don’t want to use it for whatever reason, vegetable oil would work fine too. Sautee the onions on high heat and mix frequently.

As the onions are browning, we have some time to finely chop our garlic. 3 or 4 cloves are just about the right amount. Once the onions are lightly browned, it’s time to add the garlic. Keep on sautéing on high for a few more minutes.

Brown the onions, then add garlic.

Two tablespoons of soy sauce come next. The soy sauce will give us a nice color and also soften the onions, which will help them to dissolve into the sauce of our pork stew.

Soy sauce comes next.

The next ingredient is tomato puree, I’m using 2 tablespoons. Mix it in and sauté for about 2 minutes. Pour in the wine and give it 2-3 minutes of cooking, while stirring, so the alcohol can evaporate.

TIP: A word on what wine to use. Dry red wine works the best for this pork stew recipe, something like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel… these all are great choices. Choose one of at least decent quality! If it’s too bad for you to drink, don’t use it in cooking either.

And now it’s time to add our marinated pork shoulder cubes. Mix everything again, you want to make sure that the meat combines with the other ingredients properly. Put the lid on and turn the heat down to medium.

The meat is ready for stewing.

Mix from time to time and once most of the liquids have evaporated (after 30-45 minutes), it’s time for the next step. Add about one and a half cup of beef or chicken stock and drop in 2 sprigs of rosemary to make the stew nice and fragrant.

Go one with the vegetables. I’m using fresh green beans, yellow bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrots and potatoes. These are my preferred stew vegetables, but feel free to change this to your preferences.

TIP: Pork stew is very versatile when it comes to the vegetables you can use. Other than those that I have used, popular choices are peas, zucchini, eggplant, squash, mushrooms, parsnips… whatever you prefer 🙂

Proper pork stew needs a lot of vegetables.

Mix everything properly, cover the pan again and simmer on low until the meat is fully cooked tender.

The last step in this pork stew recipe is to thicken the sauce. Just mix two tablespoons of flour with some water and add the mixture to the pan, while stirring so no lumps can form. Proceed in batches, until you reach the desired consistency.

If you hit the right consistency, the finished pork stew should look like this.

Our pork stew is finished.

It’s time for the final taste test. I decided to add a bit of salt, but other than that, all was just fine. Hitting the right amount of salt is always tricky, so make sure you test along as you cook. Let’s stir the pork stew once more so the salt distributes and we are done.

It looks just great.

I like to serve this pork stew with fresh bread, some chopped parsley and red onion as garnish. You can also use a baguette, dinner rolls, biscuits or go for a “proper” side of rice, pasta or mashed potatoes. Alternatively, try something unusual such as this keto cornbread from Cassidy.

Finished pork stew served with fresh bread.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading and come back next week for more. And if you liked this pork stew recipe, please post a comment or give it a rating.

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Pork Stew Tips, Tweaks and FAQ.

  • How long does pork stew stay good in the fridge? 3-4 days is the safe range, assuming that you refrigerated it within 2 hours after cooking.
  • Can you freeze a stew? Yes, it works just fine. Just keep in mind that some vegetable types do not freeze that well and they will lose their shape and become too soft (potatoes for example). It’s not a big problem, but it does affect the texture a bit.
  • How to reheat a stew? Since there is a lot of sauce in this dish, it’s easy to reheat it directly on the stovetop or using a microwave.
  • Is wine a mandatory ingredient? Well, it’s not, but it definitely makes this pork stew better. If you really must skip it, add more broth/stock instead. Btw, beer works fine in stews too.
  • Can you make this pork stew in a pressure cooker or instant pot? Yes you can and it will significantly reduce the cooking time. Follow the cooking time carefully though, you don’t want your pork to fall apart completely. About 20 minutes of pressure cooking should be enough.
  • Looking for an alternative pork stew recipe? Try this one from Kathleen or one more from Bill.
Pork Stew

Pork Stew

This pork stew is very easy to prepare, it's just takes a while for the meat to become super tender. You can use whatever vegetables you like, or use the ones in my recipe. Pork stew is a perfect make ahead food, it freezes well and you can make it in large quantities. I just love it!
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 45 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine International
Servings 5 servings
Calories 667 kcal


  • 1.2 kg of pork shoulder
  • 3 large onions
  • 4 potatoes
  • 1 yellow or red bell pepper
  • 3 carrots
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic
  • 10 cherry tomatoes
  • 1.5 cups of beef broth or stock
  • 100 g of fresh green beans
  • 1 Small glass of red wine 100ml / 3.5 fl.oz
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of pork lard or oil
  • 1-2 sprigs of rosemary or thyme
  • 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of red paprika
  • 1-2 teaspoons of garlic powder
  • 1.5 teaspoons of salt or to taste
  • 2 tablespoons of flour all purpose
  • Black pepper to taste


  • Cut the pork shoulder into bigger cubes, about 1 inch in size. Larger pieces work better for this pork stew recipe.
  • Season the meat with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and red paprika. Mix properly and let marinate.
  • Cut the onions into thin slices, heat up some pork lard (or oil) in a pot or large deep pan and sautee on high heat for a few minutes.
  • Once the onions start to brown, add finely chopped garlic and sautee for 2-3 more minutes.
  • Add the soy sauce now, it will give us a nice color and soften the onions. Sautee for 2-3 minutes again.
  • In with the tomato puree, mix properly and sautee for 2-3 minutes again, while stirring so it doesn’t burn.
  • And now the wine, pour it in, keep stirring and give the alcohol 2-3 minutes to evaporate. Wine gives the pork stew a typical deep flavor so do not skip it unless you really have to.
  • Add the meat into the pot or pan. Mix properly with the base, turn the heat down to medium-low and start braising with the lid on.
  • Mix from time to time and once most of the liquids have evaporated (it should take about 30-45 minutes), it’s time for the next step.
  • Add the beef stock or broth, rosemary or thyme and all the vegetables. You can get creative here and use whatever vegetables you prefer.
  • Cover the pot or pan with a lid and keep simmering on low until the meat becomes fully cooked and almost fall-apart tender. This should take 30-45 minutes again.
  • The last thing to do is to thicken the sauce of our pork stew. Mix 2 tablespoons of flour with cold water and keep adding it to the sauce in batches, while stirring. Always wait a minute before adding the next batch.
  • Once you have reached the desired consistency, it’s time to give our pork stew a final taste and add salt if needed.
  • And that’s it, the pork stew is ready to get served. Use chopped parsley, red onions and chili flakes (optional) for garnish.


Calories: 667kcalCarbohydrates: 50gProtein: 62gFat: 20gSaturated Fat: 4gPolyunsaturated Fat: 4gMonounsaturated Fat: 11gTrans Fat: 0.1gCholesterol: 144mgSodium: 1544mgPotassium: 2141mgFiber: 8gSugar: 8gVitamin A: 7851IUVitamin C: 95mgCalcium: 95mgIron: 5mg
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